Funeral Homes and the Nature of Their Services

A funeral home is a place where the dead is properly prepared for burial or cremation. Depending on the decision of the family on how the death of their loved one will be prepared for burial, well-known funeral homes offer a comprehensive list of services catering to common requests of families, based on their number of years of serving experience. Learn more about  the  City View Memoriam .

The following are the procedures and common services offered by popular funeral homes: when a death occurs, the funeral home is immediately on call to serve the bereaved family 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for funeral arrangements and further requests; removal of the dead body from place of death and transfer to the funeral home to start the professional service, such as: washing of the body, embalming, restorative art, dressing, casketing, hairdressing and cosmetology; consult with the family with respect to the documentation of certificate of death, permits, authorizations and arrange the details of the funeral service; compose the obituary in consultation with the family and properly send to the specific sites as decided by the family; arrange for clergy or preferred ministering priest by the family, musicians or singers, other groups to be present to the funeral rites in consultation with the family, including the honorarium of these persons; make arrangements with cemetery, crematory, or other place of deposition including the fees required; can extend other services, like formulating inquiries to the following institutions - veterans affairs, social security benefits, etc.; provide memorial products - registry book, acknowledgment cards, thank-you cards, memorial folders, prayer cards, memorial tribute DVD, video tribute to the dead; arrange for flowers, framed photos, photo collage for chapel display during the wake; provide the itinerary of burying the deceased from the wake to the funeral rites to the processional and to the deposition of the remains; and assist further the family after the service for the installation of monuments. Get ready to learn about  funeral home salt lake city .

Funeral homes have their specific types of services, but the most common types are: traditional funeral service, immediate burial, direct cremation service, cremation with services, donation, memorial service, graveside service, and private service.

It is advisable that before finalizing any funeral arrangement, one should completely know and understand the services offered by a funeral home and the total costs that will be covered accompanying the services. It is important that these services be explained to the family so there won't be issues that may crop out later on and need to be resolved, which might be an unpleasant experience for the family. Learn more about funeral home  , follow the link.